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THE  Movimenta La Frida is a movement formed by black cycle activists. The organization's principle is to historically rethink the constructions of cities in their socio-racial segregationist spatial proportions, where urban centers  they continue to monopolize resources and mobility policies for women and in turn continue to maintain inequalities and deprivations of access to basic rights and resources.   

Movimenta La Frida, through social actions, returns to  to create and build solutions for the inclusion of women who are affected by the limitations of mobility access policies  and right to the city, focusing mainly on the demands of black women who remain at the base of the pyramid of inequalities being affected by racism, sexism and classism.   

  Thus, the movement seeks to promote the bicycle as an economic, sustainable and autonomous mode of transport, as a possible solution to the right of mobility, in addition to developing  formative and cultural actions, aimed at promoting popular afro diasporic culture and occupying public spaces, claiming a city for all, diversifying spaces, fighting racism, homophobia, misogyny and other ills that affect social minorities.

The project "Preta, come by bike!" is an action that unites the promotion of the bicycle with social inclusion, ethnic equality and gender equality, and aims to bring urban mobility, beyond the coast, to the suburbs and quilombola communities. These are mobile bike classes for black girls and women from the periphery and quilombolas. Preta comes by bike and has the function of involving the bike  in addition to mobility, it permeates access to  basic rights, healing processes, self-esteem, dreams... being able  think and connect the bike at all.

After classes, we follow up and help with the collection of bikes for restoration or donation, since 90% of the girls are from the periphery or low-income.



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The project "Pretinha, come by bike!" aims at training and cyclical awareness of peripheral children, focuses on  the importance of including children in the development of eco-efficient and sustainable cities.



  • Pedal and accompaniment workshop

  • Basic bike mechanics workshop for girls and women

  • Cyclist's Workshop What to bring (tool kit, food kit, first aid kit, personal hygiene kit)

  • Legislation and traffic safety workshop

  • Bike customization workshop

  • Active Body Workshop Attentive Body (body awareness to be aware of yourself and the environment, pedaling and not pedaling)

  • Self Defense Workshop

  • Chat with Black and Non-Black Women about: who we are, what we want, what we can, how to act) taking the bicycle as a tool for personal transformation and social inclusion, and future projects: shared bike in the periphery (project under study) , extreme sports at schools (the bicycle, sport/education/culture), bike at school.

  • Lectures at seminars, forums and festivals.

  • Restoration and bicycle donation







A project to implement bicycle racks in universities and public schools, in order to encourage the use of bikes in the daily lives of employees and students, creating free mobility through a lighter, more economical and ecological transport mode.

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Soiree that travels poetry in the streets.

Performed by black women they sow poetry and musicalized black poetry, and in speech they inspire everyday life, valuing the black female power of the black community, making racial cuts to report racism, and gender, to denounce machismo, dialoguing with the flags of today; the genocide of black people, femicide, the empowerment of black women and the importance of unity and of occupying all spaces.  Each month the Poets trace a different itinerary,  believing that poetry can be everywhere and change people's eyes and reality.  IT'S  an initiative of  incentive to literature and poetic reading, in order to collaborate with the literary development in urban cultural centers, mainly peripheral ones.

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It is a project to raise awareness and raise awareness about urban mobility and fight racism and machismo themes that converge to the advancement and development of our struggles and achievements. The purpose of the lectures is  foster debate and reflection on the themes  referring to female representation, mobility, entrepreneurship, in addition to expanding the support and strengthening network of Movimenta La Frida.



  • Bicycle in the 2016 elections (debate with candidates)

  • Bicycle in 2017 and 2018 Plans (Chat)

  • Velocity 2018- Opening Plenary

  • Bank Vale do Dendê 2018 (Defense of selected project)

  • Feminism on two Wheels Project (Elas Fund, UN Women, GT Gender of Cycling) - Articulators of training

  • Fórum Br Cidades (Lecture; Mobility for all)

  • World Bicycle Forum 2018 (Lecture)

  • Campus party 2018 and 2017 (Lecture)

  • Festival party 2017

  • Flica 2016 (Literature Festival) Waterfall

  • Biciculture 2016, 2017 and 2018 (Lecture)

  • Bahia 2017 Agenda (Lecture)

  • Sesc São Paulo 2018

  • Eflac 2017- Uruguay- (Lecture)

  • II Meeting of Young Black Feminists 2017 (Ações do Preta, comes by bike)

  • Opening of the Inauguration of the City-Savior Park

  • Afro-Tsistance-RJ

  • SSA Sustainability Festival

  • Northeastern Bicycle Forum - Fortaleza

  • Event - Urban mobility and the perspective of Women - SP





Support and empowerment for women entrepreneurs from the periphery.  Support for low-income micro-entrepreneurs, expanding access to knowledge, networks, markets and credit for them to develop or start their ventures. Provide access so that low-income people and communities can be entrepreneurs, promoting inclusion and economic and social development. Savings for all.



Juh Almeida

Trajetos is a research and development project for a feature film that portrays the daily life of black women who use bicycles in different contexts. “I didn't dream much in my life. Where I grew up I had a bicycle, but I couldn't use it."
  So expressed Ana Maria, who learned to ride a bicycle at age 60 in the activity “Preta comes by bike!” from La Frida.  

Produced by black women from Bahia in audiovisual - where all members have a proximity to the universe presented, thus reflecting and revealing the intimacy and subjectivities of our characters.  

Thus, unveiling that what involves the bicycle goes beyond mobility, it permeates basic rights, healing processes, self-esteem, dreams...

  By following seven black women who started or resumed contact with the bicycle through the La Frida project, we enter into an already established intimacy relationship. After all, when making the documentary, it is essential to be careful with the relationship between the filming subject and the filmed subject, as what will be expressed in the image is this boundary, in this case, the team will be formed by black women who easily enter the universe of filmed subjects, as we understand it as one of the filmic devices.

Larissa So-and-So



# Vocational courses for trans women and transvestites


The Bicitrans Project aims at the inclusion and employability of transvestites and transsexuals in the mobility labor market, through training, mentoring, biking classes and a professional mechanic course, seeking to change the statistics on the absence of trans and transvestites.

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#Sharing and repairing bikes for delivery companies

At the moment, when we are experiencing an economic crisis and high unemployment rate, application delivery companies attract unemployed people and people who have difficulties to enter the labor market with the prospect of earning some income, such as cyclist couriers, that grows more each day. According to data obtained from a survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of the Bicycle Industry (Aliança Bike) (2019) which traced the profile of cyclist app delivery people in the city of São Paulo, 71% of the interviewed delivery people declared themselves black or brown. And this is also a reality in other cities in Brazil.

The project seeks to reduce the socio- economic impact of couriers in times of COVID.


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I'm Nanda Lisboa, actress, mother. I designed and decorated the entire Casa La Frida, it was beautiful! I have a degree in interior design.

I'm Livia Suarez, I love to eat. I'm extra curious, the new fascinates me. My curiosity makes me competent and dedicated. La Frida for me is a dream, a crazy pleasure.

I'm Alana Santana, cute and dedicated. 29 years old, graduated  in public relations with expertise in communication and community relations. Project Manager at La Frida.


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